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    Fractions - Ask Dr. Math

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    Half You Heard of Fractions?
    Author: Adamson, Thomas K. and Heather
    ISBN: 9781429675567
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Want to split an apple? Half for each. That's a fraction! A fraction is a part of something. There are many other fractions, from big to small. Find out how we use fractions every day in fun and surprising ways!

    If you were a fraction
    Author: Shaskan, Trisha Speed.
    ISBN: 9781404847903
    Copyright: 2009
    Summary: Provides an introduction to fractions, which are parts of a whole. Includes an activity.

    Author: Koomen, Michele.
    ISBN: 0736808175
    Copyright: 2001
    Summary: An introduction to fractions by showing children dividing foods such as a candy bar, a pizza, licorice, and a pie into fair shares.

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