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    CapstoneKids : Mean, Mean, Mighty Machines

    Caterpillar Inc. - History

    Construct My Future: Machines of the Construc...

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    Dump trucks
    Author: Williams, Linda D.
    ISBN: 0736825967
    Copyright: 2005
    Summary: Text and photographs introduce dump trucks including dump truck parts such as beds and big tires.

    Building a Spacecraft
    Author: Omoth, Tyler
    ISBN: 9781476539799
    Copyright: 2014
    Summary: Incredible high tech spacecraft allow us to explore the depths of outer space. How are these amazing machines built? Get ready to find out!

    Bulldozers in Action
    Author: Brady, Peter
    ISBN: 9781429676922
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: A bulldozer lowers its large blade and moves dirt and tree stumps. Soon the land is level. Learn more about bulldozers and how they work with other vehicles on the job in Bulldozers in Action.

    Tractors in Action
    Author: Brady, Peter
    ISBN: 9781429676939
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Pulling, plowing, hauling. Tractors do it all. Tractors help farmers plant crops, haul heavy loads, and much more. Learn more about these helpful vehicles in Tractors in Action.

    Yo manejo un camion de la basura/I Drive a Garbage Truck
    Author: Bridges, Sarah
    ISBN: 9781404863033
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: Describes and illustrates the job of a garbage collector and how a garbage truck works. Written in English and Spanish.

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