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    Author: Preszler, June.
    ISBN: 073683723X
    Copyright: 2005
    Summary: Provides a description of igloos, including details of the construction and materials used, along with information on the Inuit people who lived in these traditional Native American dwellings.

    Apache Resistance: Causes and Effects of Geronimo's Campaign
    Author: Dell, Pamela
    ISBN: 9781491448366
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: The Apache of the American Southwest had long been in conflict with Mexican and U.S. soldiers and settlers by the time Geronimo began resisting these forces. The Apache warrior and his followers spent decades fighting to remain free and in control of...

    Last Battle: Causes and Effects of the Massacre at Wounded Knee
    Author: Dell, Pamela
    ISBN: 9781491448359
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: A few days after Christmas 1890, U.S. cavalry troops surrounded and fired on a band of Lakota Sioux near Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota. The Indians had already surrendered, but when someone fired a shot while the band was being disarmed, chaos bro...

    The Cherokee: The Past and Present of a Proud Nation
    Author: Smith-Llera, Danielle
    ISBN: 9781491449912
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: The Trail of Tears marked the low point in Cherokee history. The survivors of that deadly event set a new course, rebuilding their lives in an unfamiliar land. Their descendants have prospered in modern America but always remember their culture and p...

    The Iroquois: The Past and Present of the Haudenosaunee
    Author: Smith-Llera, Danielle
    ISBN: 9781491449936
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: The Iroquois Confederacy served as model for the founding fathers who wrote the U.S. Constitution. The Iroquois today continue their proud tradition of representative democracy as they thrive in modern America.

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