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    Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page

    DRBC—Drought Information for Kids

    FEMA for KIDS: Disaster area!

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    Flakes and flurries
    Author: Sherman, Josepha.
    ISBN: 1404800980
    Copyright: 2004
    Summary: Learn about snow and snow crystals. How water turns into snow is the focus of this book, with a discussion of blizzards and other extreme conditions.

    Coldest Places on the Planet
    Author: Soll, Karen
    ISBN: 9781491483404
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Read what it's like to live in a very cold place. In this book, you'll visit cities with very cold weather and learn why the tempatures dip so low.

    Hottest Places on the Planet
    Author: Soll, Karen
    ISBN: 9781491483411
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Journey to places where it can get very hot. In this book, you'll learn more about citites that are very hot and what causes this extreme weather.

    A Daredevil's Guide to Storm Chasing
    Author: Leavitt, Amie Jane
    ISBN: 9781429699846
    Copyright: 2013
    Summary: Hail the size of golf balls drops from the sky. Strong winds send cars sailing through the air as if they were small toys. Most people look for cover when severe weather threatens. But storm chasers do the opposite they look for the storms! Find out ...

    Can You Survive an Earthquake?: An Interactive Survival Adventure
    Author: Hanel, Rachael
    ISBN: 9781429699792
    Copyright: 2013
    Summary: You’re in the middle of one of the most unpredictable natural disasters an earthquake. No place is safe as the ground shudders, shakes, and splits. How will you survive as the world crashes around you? Will you: Experience an earthquake far from civ...

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