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    Little Leauge Baseball & Softball

    Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

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    The Technology of Baseball
    Author: Adamson, Thomas K.
    ISBN: 9781429699556
    Copyright: 2013
    Summary: Take me out to the ballgame … or just watch the game from your phone! From motion capture technology to software such as GameChanger and PitchTrax, the tech world has become a regular part of America’s national pastime. Round the bases as you learn a...

    Baseball Stats and the Stories Behind Them: What Every Fan Needs to Know
    Author: Braun, Eric
    ISBN: 9781491482155
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: A fun and smart look at baseball, this book will allow young fans to better understand and enjoy the game. The text explains the common statistics used to judge players and teams, along with the math and history behind those stats.

    Daring Play: How a Courageous Jackie Robinson Transformed Baseball
    Author: Burgan, Michael
    ISBN: 9780756552916
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: On and off the field, Jackie Robinson never backed down from a challenge. The baseball legend broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier in 1947, changing the sport forever. It was eight years later that a photo of him stealing home during the 1955 ...

    First Source to Baseball: Rules, Equipment, and Key Playing Tips
    Author: Omoth, Tyler
    ISBN: 9781491484203
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Prepare to take the field. You'll be swinging for the fences after learning all you need to know to play this fun all-American sport.

    Pro Baseball by the Numbers
    Author: Kortemeier, Tom
    ISBN: 9781491490594
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Sports statistics come to life with engaging text and infographics about the sport of baseball. Readers won't look at mathematics in the same way again.

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