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    Capstone Kids

    Dragon Myths


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    Dead Wings
    Author: Dahl, Michael
    ISBN: 9781434219268
    Copyright: 2010
    Summary: Taj has discovered that he's growing wings. He straps them down to hide them, and seeks help from his cousin, the only person he can trust. But Taj learns that his cousin has a secret, too.

    23 Crow's Perch
    Author: Strange, Jason
    ISBN: 9781434232977
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Middle school student Henry and his mother have just moved to the strange town of Ravens Pass and their new apartment seems to be haunted by the former tenants.

    Basement of the Undead
    Author: Strange, Jason
    ISBN: 9781434232342
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Three boys discover something terrifying in their school basement—zombies!

    Blood in the Library
    Author: Dahl, Michael
    ISBN: 9781434232281
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: The Archivists' worst fear has happened: the Librarian is dead. Or is he? The sub-librarian needs to help.

    Dictionary of 1,000 Rooms
    Author: Dahl, Michael
    ISBN: 9781434232298
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: The Librarian's pages are missing. Can he defeat the Wordsmith to save them?

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