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    Phone Home, Persephone!
    Author: McMullan, Kate
    ISBN: 9781434221353
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: The story about how Hades kidnapped Persephone when she was picking flowers? Totally false! Zeus made that story up to make himself look better. What else would you expect from a total myth-o-maniac? The truth is, Persephone was trying to escape her ...

    Katie Woo, Super Scout
    Author: Manushkin, Fran
    ISBN: 9781479561780
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Katie has joined the Super Scouts, where every scout is like a sister. Katie’s ready for some outside fun on a treasure hunt, but she and her partner Janie are nothing alike! On their nature hike, Katie finds out that being friends doesn’t always mea...

    Katie's Happy Mother's Day
    Author: Manushkin, Fran
    ISBN: 9781479561797
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: When Katie’s mom starts to feel under the weather, it’s up to the spunky schoolgirl to help her get better. And with Mother’s Day coming, Katie wants to get a super-special gift for her super-special mom. But sometimes the best gift isn’t a thing you...

    Adiós a Goldie
    Author: Manushkin, Fran
    ISBN: 9781404875241
    Copyright: 2013
    Summary: Katie Woo's dog, Goldie, was very old. Goldie became sick and died. Katie will miss her friend. She is glad that she has lots of happy memories of Goldie.

    Basta de burlas
    Author: Manushkin, Fran
    ISBN: 9781404875258
    Copyright: 2013
    Summary: A mean boy always teases Katie Woo. It makes Katie sad and mad. How can she make the bully stop teasing her?

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