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    Fact Monster: Health and Body

    FAQ Kids - Gross Stuff

    FAQ Kids - The Human Body

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    My Body
    Author: Rustad, Martha E. H.
    ISBN: 9781476502502
    Summary: The human body is an amazing machine! From brain to bones, find out how all of your body parts work together to keep you running.

    Bizarre Things We've Done to Our Bodies
    Author: Balcerzak, Kara Garbe
    ISBN: 9781491442685
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Wow! I just love your neck extendor. That's probably not your idea of a compliment. Check out some of the most bizarre things humans have done in the name of beauty.

    Human Body: Can You Tell the Facts from the Fibs?
    Author: Holland, Simon
    ISBN: 9781479585113
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Do adults really have more bones than babies? Can your brain really make enought electricity to power a light bulb? Are humans and apes really similar? Test your truth-finding skills in Lie Detector: Human Body and uncover some incredible human body ...

    Peeking Under Your Skin
    Author: Kenney, Karen Latchana
    ISBN: 9781479586684
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Fascinate kids with what lies right under their own skin. Fun-to-explore, high-density illustrations and informative text make the circulatory system, digestive system, and other complex inner-workings of the human body easy to understand.

    Totally Wacky Facts About the Human Body
    Author: Meister, Cari
    ISBN: 9781491483596
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Ever wondered how many strands of hair you lose in a single day? Curious about how many taste buds are on your tongue? Want to know how many bacteria live in your bellybutton? Totally amazing facts about the human body will keep curious minds wanting...

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