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    Chimp Facts, Articles

    Chimpanzee - African Wildlife Foundation

    Chimpanzee - San Diego Zoo

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    Chimpanzees Are Awesome!
    Author: Peterson, Megan Cooley
    ISBN: 9781491417591
    Summary: Africa's wild animals are awesome! Bold, vibrant photos and engaging text bring readers up close with chimpanzees. Includes information on habitat, behavior, life cycle, and threats to these amazing creatures.

    Why Do Monkeys and Other Mammals Have Fur?
    Author: Beaumont, Holly
    ISBN: 9781484625347
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Find out all about fur and how it helps monkeys keep warm and survive. Discover how fur can be used as camouflage, how fur is different on different mammals and how fur changes as mammals grow up.

    Howler Monkeys
    Author: Gillenwater, Chadwick
    ISBN: 9781429675895
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Howler monkeys spend most of their lives in the trees. Learn about these noisy monkeys and their habitats in Howler Monkeys.

    A Cheeky Chiller: A Zoo Animal Mystery
    Author: Sweeney, Alyse
    ISBN: 9781429644990
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: Text and photographs present a mystery zoo animal, one feature at a time, until its identity is revealed.

    The proboscis monkey
    Author: Rake, Jody Sullivan.
    ISBN: 9781429617406
    Copyright: 2009
    Summary: Text and photos describe the homes, bodies, behaviors, and adaptations of Proboscis monkeys and discusses ways to protect them.

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