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    Explore Oregon

    Fifty States for Kids

    USA for Kids

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    Author: Maine, Tyler
    ISBN: 9781515704249
    Summary: Take a trip through the Beaver State! Learn about Oregon's history, geography, weather, people, and more in this book that's all about our 33rd state.

    An Illustrated Timeline of U.S. States
    Author: Wooster, Patricia
    ISBN: 9781404866638
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: How was the United States created, and when did each state become a state? From Alaska to Maine, Florida to California, this book length timeline is packed with information about all 50 states. Pick a point and start exploring!

    The Pebble First Guide to Texas Symbols
    Author: Lanier, Wendy
    ISBN: 9781429633017
    Copyright: 2010
    Summary: A basic field guide format introduces 13 Texas state symbols. Includes color photographs and range maps.

    Parques nacionales
    Author: Trumbauer, Lisa.
    ISBN: 0736873562
    Copyright: 2007
    Summary: Provides an introduction to the some of the national parks found in the United States including Yellowstone National Park, Redwood National Park, and the Grand Canyon National Park.

    The United States
    Author: Spengler, Kremena.
    ISBN: 0736867740
    Copyright: 2007
    Summary: Provides an introduction to the United States using a question-and-answer format that discusses land features, government, housing, transportation, industries, education, sports, art forms, holidays, food, and family life. Includes a map, facts, and

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