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    Gymnastics HQ

    International Gymnastics Hall of Fame

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    Vaulting: Tips, Rules, and Legendary Stars
    Author: Maurer, Tracy Nelson
    ISBN: 9781515722212
    Summary: Vaulting takes a lot more than just a run and jump onto a springboard. It requires preparation, practice, and understanding of this unique event. A gymnast that dedicates her time and effort could one day see her name next to one of the great vaultin...

    Jump, Tuck, Flip: Mastering Cheerleading Skills and Stunts
    Author: Rissman, Rebecca
    ISBN: 9781491452035
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Get ready to amaze with these cheerleading skills and stunts. Learn basic arm positions, jumps, and tumbling moves. Instructions for each skill and stunt are accompanied with visuals to ensure each move is done safely and accurately. The tips through...

    Make Some Noise: Cheers and Chants that Fire Up the Crowd
    Author: Rissman, Rebecca
    ISBN: 9781491452042
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Cheer your team to victory with rhythm and rhyme! These catchy cheers and chants will fire up the crowd and help boost your team to victory. Learn some basic information about the three sports that most commonly have cheerleaders: football, basketbal...

    Quest for the Best: Conquering Cheerleading Tryouts and Competitions
    Author: Rissman, Rebecca
    ISBN: 9781491452059
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Tempted to try out for cheerleading? Gearing up for your first competition? Find out what to expect during cheerleading tryouts and competitions. What experience do you need? How should you practice and prepare? Impress coaches and judges with your s...

    Show Your Spirit: Cheerleading Basics You Need to Know
    Author: Rissman, Rebecca
    ISBN: 9781491452141
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: What exactly does a cheerleader do? How did cheerleading begin? What are the most important things a cheerleader needs to know? From tumbling and chanting to motions and stunts, learn all about the basics of cheerleading. Also find out about safety, ...

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