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    Military Factory - Armor

    Tank - Military Vehicle

    US History - Tank Warfare

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    Totally Amazing Facts About Military Land Vehicles
    Author: Meister, Cari
    ISBN: 9781515745273
    Summary: Readers will learn over 100 facts about military land vehicles, such as tanks, armored cars, motorcycles, and patrol buggies. Reluctant readers will love the unusual facts, the amazing colorful spreads, and the lively photos attached to each vehicle'...

    An Illustrated Timeline of Transportation
    Author: Spengler, Kremena T.
    ISBN: 9781404866614
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: How have people traveled and moved goods throughout history, and when were different methods invented? From canoes to trains, cars to airplanes, this book length timeline is packed with all kinds of transportation. Pick a point and start exploring!

    Military Amphibious Vehicles
    Author: Alpert, Barbara
    ISBN: 9781429675697
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: The military uses amphibious vehicles to take troops and supplies onto shore. Read to find out about the military’s land and water vehicles.

    Military Robots
    Author: Alpert, Barbara
    ISBN: 9781429675734
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: The military uses robots to search dangerous places. Read to find out about the military’s mighty robot warriors.

    Transportation in the City
    Author: Doering Tourville, Amanda
    ISBN: 9781429653701
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: Text and illustrations describe a trip on many different kinds of transportation in the city. Written in graphic-novel format.

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