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    Capstone - How to Make a Book


    The Library of Congress Presents

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    Bored Bella Learns About Fiction and Nonfiction
    Author: Donovan, Sandy
    ISBN: 9781404857582
    Copyright: 2010
    Summary: Ms. Paige Turner introduces fiction and nonfiction books to Bella and her class.

    Margo and Marky's Adventures in Reading
    Author: Troupe, Thomas Kingsley
    ISBN: 9781404862913
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: Margo and her bookmark, Marky introduce different reading genres by sharing their favorite types of books.

    Quinn and Penny Investigate How to Research
    Author: Troupe, Thomas Kingsley
    ISBN: 9781404862906
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: Quinn and his trusty pen, Penny, introduce readers to the steps in research including brainstorming, using library resources, using reference materials, and taking notes.

    Bob the Alien Discovers the Dewey Decimal System
    Author: Donovan, Sandy
    ISBN: 9781404857575
    Copyright: 2010
    Summary: Allison teaches Bob how to use the Dewey decimal system to find books.

    Karl and Carolina Uncover the Parts of a Book
    Author: Donovan, Sandy
    ISBN: 9781404857605
    Copyright: 2010
    Summary: Karl and Carolina explore the different parts of a book including what's found on the book cover, the table of contents, and what information is listed in the glossary and index.

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