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    Could a Robot Make My Dinner?: And other questions about Technology
    Author: Barnham, Kay
    ISBN: 9781410952004
    Summary: Could a robot make my dinner? Why do we need rockets to go into space? Why don't cranes fall over? This book takes a fun look at technology by asking and answering a series of quirky yet thought-provoking questions such as these! Although primarily a...

    Unsolved Mysteries of Nature
    Author: Montgomery, Heather L.
    ISBN: 9781491442654
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: How can massive stones slide across the desert untouched? Can lightning really bounce like a ball? Why was it raining fish in Europe in 2004? Nature holds some of our world's strangest mysteries. Some of the best minds on the planet have tried to exp...

    Dangerous Diseases: Scary Illnesses that Frighten the World
    Author: Asselin, Kristine Carlson
    ISBN: 9781476539270
    Copyright: 2014
    Summary: Crusty pink scabs. Explosive diarrhea. Black, swollen bumps. These symptoms aren’t just the stuff of gross out stories and horror movies. They are real symptoms, caused by real diseases. And some people are suffering from them right now.

    Mad Scientists: The Not-So-Crazy Work of Amazing Scientists
    Author: Lee, Sally
    ISBN: 9781476539287
    Copyright: 2014
    Summary: Drinking vomit. Breathing poisonous gasses. Creating two headed dogs. These mad acts aren’t just the stuff  gross out stories and horror movies. They are real things that real scientists have done in the search for scientific answers.

    Mutant Animals: Crazy Creatures Altered by Science
    Author: Lee, Sally
    ISBN: 9781476539294
    Copyright: 2014
    Summary: A mouse with a human ear on its back. Cats that glow in the dark. Giant super salmon. These animals are just the stuff gross out stories and horror movies. They are real animals that have been altered by scientists. And some of these animals are aliv...

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