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    Take Care of Your Pet

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    Ack's New Pet
    Author: Hoena, Blake A.
    ISBN: 9781434264060
    Summary: Ack wants a pet, but he knows that Mom will never get him one. That's no problem. Eek will just make him one instead!

    Mars for Humanity
    Author: Terrell, Brandon
    ISBN: 9781496505026
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Eleven-year-old twins Lila and Max are leaving Earth to reunite with their parents on Mars. It's nearly fifty years in the future, and the Earth is dying. The damages caused by global warming are too severe to repair. So six years ago, the twin's par...

    Attack of the Cling-Ons
    Author: Ciencin, Scott
    ISBN: 9781434226372
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: A Star Bus video game club member is delayed from getting to the galaxy's greatest comic book convention because he is attending the school dance. Written in graphic-novel format.

    The Incredible Rockhead and the Spectacular Scissorlegz
    Author: Nickel, Scott
    ISBN: 9781434221278
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: The Incredible Rockhead and the Spectacular Scissorlegz have a mission: to seek out and defeat the man behind countless evil experiments, the mutant-making General himself. Written in graphic-novel format.

    The Incredible Rockhead vs. Papercut!
    Author: Nickel, Scott
    ISBN: 9781434219763
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: Rockhead is up against an enemy designed to defeat him -- Papercut! With the entire school watching, this paper tiger is looking to cover Rockhead in the most action-packed game of paper, rock, scissors the world has ever seen.

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