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    The 1911 Triangle Factory Fire

    The 1911 Triangle Factory Fire Trial

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    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Core Events of an Industrial Disaster
    Author: Otfinoski, Steven
    ISBN: 9781476541839
    Copyright: 2014
    Summary: Whether they occur at home or in the workplace, fires are devastating events that sometimes cause the tragic deaths of innocent people. Find out what happened when a factory in New York City caught fire in the early 1900s. And discover why so many wo...

    Unsolved Historical Mysteries
    Author: Lassieur, Allison
    ISBN: 9781491442647
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: What happened to the people of the Roanoke Colony? Why did the crew of the Mary Celeste abandon ship? Who wrote the mysterious Voynich Manuscript and what does it mean? History is filled with many unexplained and baffling mysteries. With dramatic pho...

    The Apollo 13 Mission: Core Events of a Crisis in Space
    Author: Radomski, Kassandra
    ISBN: 9781476541815
    Copyright: 2014
    Summary: During the 1960s, humans were finally able to explore the universe beyond Earth. But at what cost? Many people lost their lives in a race to go where humans had never gone before. Find out what happened when an explosion on a spacecraft left three U....

    The Hindenburg Explosion: Core Events of a Disaster in the Air
    Author: Otfinoski, Steven
    ISBN: 9781476541846
    Copyright: 2014
    Summary: Before commercial airplanes became a common form of travel, giant airships were a popular mode of long distance transportation for those who could afford it. But airships could be quite dangerous. In an instant, they could explode or catch fire. Expl...

    The Johnstown Flood: Core Events of Deadly Disaster
    Author: Richards, Marlee
    ISBN: 9781476541822
    Copyright: 2014
    Summary: Most areas are prone to flooding now and then, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is no exception. But in May 1889, a dam burst following heavy rains, and the people of Johnstown were in the path of something shocking and tragic. Find out what happened whe...

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