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    Jaguar - Rainforest Alliance

    Spotlight: The Amazon

    What is a Rainforest?

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    A Day and Night in the Rain Forest
    Author: Arnold, Caroline
    ISBN: 9781479560745
    Summary: Award-winning author/illustrator Caroline Arnold invites readers to hunker down in the Amazon from sunrise to sunrise and experience one 24-hour cycle of animal activity in the rain forest habitat, starting and ending with—cricka, cricka!—a noisy tou...

    What's in a Tree?
    Author: Rustad, Martha E. H.
    ISBN: 9781491460115
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Take a peek inside this easy-to-read book to discover the plants and animals living in a tree. Excellent photos and a simple design beautifully support early readers.

    Cómo comprender la fotosíntesis con Max Axiom, supercientífico (Understanding Photosynthesis With Max Axiom, Super Scientist)
    Author: O'Donnell, Liam
    ISBN: 9781620651803
    Copyright: 2013
    Summary: In graphic novel format, follows the adventures of Max Axiom as he explains the science behind photosynthesis.

    Can You Survive the Jungle?: An Interactive Survival Adventure
    Author: Doeden, Matt
    ISBN: 9781429665889
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Youre lost amid dangerous, unseen predators after your plane crashes in the Amazon jungle. By parachuting out of the plane, you landed safely, but youre all alone with little food and water. Do you, Take off in search of rescue? Build a camp and try ...

    Can You Survive the Wilderness?: An Interactive Survival Adventure
    Author: Doeden, Matt
    ISBN: 9781429675420
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: The wilderness is a place of beauty and peace. But it is also filled with fierce predators, poisonous plants, and raging rivers. Will you: • Try to survive the harsh mountains of Alaska after being abandoned during an outdoor training trip? • Strugg...

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