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    FIFA: Women’s Football

    UEFA: Women’s Champions League

    US Youth Soccer

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    Top Soccer Tips
    Author: Hammelef, Danielle S.
    ISBN: 9781515747222
    Summary: Do you dream of scoring a goal? Or do you dream of guarding a goal? Either way, inside are all the tips needed to become a star on the soccer field.

    The Science Behind Soccer, Volleyball, Cycling, and Other Popular Sports
    Author: Watson, Stephanie
    ISBN: 9781491481608
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: Behind every Summer Olympic scoring soccer kick, tennis-ball bounce, and hard-hitting volleyball serve, science is at work. The type of kick used on a soccer ball affects its path. An equestrian leans forward during a jump to help the horse balance. ...

    What a Kick: How a Clutch World Cup Win Propelled Women's Soccer
    Author: Carlson Berne, Emma
    ISBN: 9780756552930
    Copyright: 2016
    Summary: It was the biggest event in the history of women’s sports. And for the Americans, it came down to five kicks. After regulation play and two overtimes in the final game of the 1999 women’s World Cup soccer match, the score was 0-0. Penalty kicks would...

    A Girl's Guide to Soccer
    Author: Schrier, Allyson Valentine
    ISBN: 9781429676717
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Are you a girl who loves scoring goals? Get in the game! Take your knowledge of soccer to the next level. Learn the positions, skills, tips, and tricks that will help you stay sharp on and off the field.

    Vamos a jugar al fútbol!/Let's Play Soccer!
    Author: Adamson, Heather
    ISBN: 9781429682459
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Text and photographs present the skills, equipment, and safety concerns of playing soccer. Written in English and Spanish.

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