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    Start Your Babysitting Business
    Author: Higgins, Melissa
    ISBN: 9781515766919
    Summary: You've had a couple babysitting jobs, and guess what? You love it! But it's time for your next step—a babysitting business. With helpful tips and practical advice, discover everything you'll need to know for becoming a young entrepreneur!

    Counting Money!
    Author: Penn, M. W.
    ISBN: 9781429675628
    Copyright: 2012
    Summary: Simple rhyming text and photographs describe more than, less than, and equal to in comparing numbers.

    A Dollar Bill's Journey
    Author: Slade, Suzanne
    ISBN: 9781404862654
    Copyright: 2011
    Summary: Describes a dollar bill's life cycle which includes being created at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, a journey to a bank, being used by people and the return to a Federal Reserve Bank to be shredded.

    Needs and wants
    Author: Olson, Gillia M.
    ISBN: 9781429617079
    Copyright: 2009
    Summary: Describes the concept of needs and wants and making choices between the two.

    The dollar bill in translation : what it really means
    Author: Forest, Christopher.
    ISBN: 9781429627948
    Copyright: 2009
    Summary: Presents the dollar bill and explains its meaning and symbolism using everyday language. Describes the events that led to the creation of currency and its significance through history.

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