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    All About Farm Animals

    Interesting Facts About Farm Animals

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    Animals on the Farm
    Author: Amstutz, Lisa J.
    ISBN: 9781977102560
    Summary: Introduce your beginning readers to seven of the most common animals on the farm with a hearty "Hello, cows!" and a "Hello, pigs!" Up-close photos and leveled text pair up for a fun meet-and-greet filled with facts, feathers, and fur.

    Rain on the roof
    Author: Scott, Janine.
    ISBN: 1404816984
    Copyright: 2006
    Summary: When the farmhouse roof begins to leak, Farmer Claude and Farme Maude seek shelter in the shed with the animals, but when that roof leaks, too, they all head for the truck.

    The rowdy rooster
    Author: Scott, Janine.
    ISBN: 1404816992
    Copyright: 2006
    Summary: Two tired farmers and a shed full of grumpy animals have had enough of the rooster waking them at five o'clock each morning, but Farmer Claude has a plan to help the rooster sleep in.

    Farm animals
    Author: Gillis, Jennifer Blizin.
    ISBN: 0756506700
    Copyright: 2005
    Summary: Describes why farmers raise animals including dairy goats, dairy cows, beef cattle, laying hens, turkeys, pigs, and sheep.

    The hen can't help it
    Author: Godwin, Sam.
    ISBN: 1404806539
    Copyright: 2005
    Summary: Learn about the life cycle of a chicken, from egg to chick to hen.

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